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Ranted on my journal then remembered this place... - Pagan Bitchings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Ranted on my journal then remembered this place... [Jan. 23rd, 2007|12:05 am]
Pagan Bitchings


So I was over at Witchvox skimming through the articles. And becoming progressively more pissed off. Why do I do this to myself? Really. I know going over there is only going to piss me off, confuse me, or on the rare occasion amuse me. I guess it's for the off chance of amusement and on occasion I do run across something interesting. This week though seemed to be about Nature. With a capital N. Almost all the articles are about how pagans and nature go together like peanut butter and bananas. I hate reading shit like that. I really really do. Cause I could care less about Nature. Nature is something that happens to other people. I avoid it when ever possible. And whenever I read one of those stupid articles about how pagans know to respect the Earth and other tree hugging things it always makes me feel vaguely guilty. Like somehow I'm a bad person for not recycling all the time and driving three blocks when I could walk. And that makes me angry.

I'm a pagan. I'm an unrepentant pagan. Actually I prefer the term heathen, but we'll stick with pagan for the purpose of this rant. And I could care less about the environment. That makes me a bad human being, not a bad pagan. I feel that there is a crucial difference here. It makes me a bad human being because I'm participating in the death of that which allows us to live, i.e. the planet Earth. I don't recycle all the time, even when I can and probably should. I do most of the time, just not all of the time and this makes me a bad human being because I'm willfully destroying things when I don't need to thus causing another tree to be cut down, or something like that. This does not in fact make me a bad pagan. I have yet to read anything in my religion that dictates I should care whether or not the spotted owls live or die. Which is good, cause I honestly don't. In fact my religion says nothing about Nature and even if it did I would be free to disregard that. Go read for yourselves. So can people please stop telling me that to be a good pagan I need to care about trees and clean air and shit like that? Cause I don't. I can be the best pagan in the world and not care one bit about Nature. Nature and me have nothing to talk about on the religious angle and it pisses me off when people assume that because I'm pagan and not, you know, Christian or something, that that means I'm a tree hugging hippy. Fuckers.

I don't like nature. I don't. It's dirty and icky and gross. It's filled with creepy crawly things that have too many legs and bite. Nature, quite frankly, freaks me out and I'd rather have nothing to do with it. My idea of the great outdoors is to sit on the deck and read a book. This usually lasts about 30 mins and then I run away because of the aforementioned creepy crawlies. I think Monk (from the USA show) had it right in that one episode where he said something along the lines of, "Ah, I got nature on me. Get it off!" That is how I feel about it. If you think your religion has something to do with being all pro-Nature, specify your religion. Say which religion you're referring to, cause mine ain't got nothing to do with it and I like it that way.

In conclusion: Stop putting your Nature in my Chao.

[User Picture]From: amaresu
2009-10-30 10:10 pm (UTC)
You have no idea how much you've just made my day. Good job!
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